Welcome to Twister Web Services. I have over 20 years experience in Information Technology. A passion for web design and business over the “web” has found myself working as a sole trader after a successful corporate career.

I love that no day is the same as every business is different, has different requirements, different processes, different products and different service offerings.

Adapting to a wide range of industries is our specialty.

Vast Experience in Web Technologies

Over the years you see many “systems” and coding shortcuts. The best I have seen is WordPress. It provides a stable, secure and flexible platform that you can design and develop anything on.

WordPress is used on over 50% of the worlds websites. The good news is it is open source as well.

The best feature is that it has so many “plugins” that usually there is no need for unique coding for your website. Around the world someone has most probably attempted what you need to do and all we have to do is find it and “plug it in” to work.



We want you to be excited and proud of your website. Our guarantee is that is the result you’ll have.

  • We’ll speak to you in plain English and explain everything in a way you will understand.

  • We guide you through the entire process

  • If needed we’ll provide video instrcutions

  • We listen and don’t force our opinions on you. We make suggestions to you but decisions are yours.

  • Realistic and affordable prices

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Kelly’s Finance Group have been working with Brett for 4 years now. The website looks good and works. I do declare that we are related but I’m sure that has made it harder for him as expectations were very high. Brett met those expectations and always assists us with anything we require very quickly.
RDA Hunter came across Twister Web Services through a recommendation. He has proven to be someone who works hard and gets things done quickly. We are now transferring all our work to Brett. RDA Hunter STEM was the first website we worked with Brett on and it was so easy and the price was very competitive. We are now in the process of transferring our other 2 sites to him which over time we will redevelop and update with Brett. He has also taken on our IT Support and arranged discounts directly with HP when we updated all of our hardware. RDA Hunter recommend Brett’s services to anyone.
Trevor John, RDA Hunter


Our Work Speaks for Us!



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