Have your devices or email been “hacked”?

//Have your devices or email been “hacked”?

Have your devices or email been “hacked”?

A new email is doing the rounds stating that someone has gained access to both hardware and email accounts. The full message is in the image.

On the surface it shows you sending an email to yourself which is supposed to be a demonstration of proof that they have gained access to the account.

There are a couple of ways you can determine if its fake.

1) It uses terrible English and often uses words that aren’t grammatically correct such as “You probably do not heard about me”

2) Nowhere in the email body does it mention any particulars about the account. This enables it to be sent out on mass.

3) It is actually an image pasted onto the email.

4) It also threatens to send videos of you watching “adult vids” and well, not eveyone watches “adult vids”.

5) The email title is also the prefix of your email account. My email being brett@twisterwebservices.com – it lists “brett” as the email title. Again, this allows for mass distribution.

6) Check your sent folder and the email will not be there. If your sending an email to yourself then it would show up in that folder and be recorded on the server.

They are using an email alias to make it look like it is coming from your email account.

If received, delete it immediately. If you have any concerns then forward it to myself and we’ll verify the email.

It is always better to be safer than sorry.