Is it complicated to register a Domain?

//Is it complicated to register a Domain?

Is it complicated to register a Domain?

The answer is no with a but – and to be honest in a better world there should be no “but”.

To register a Domain for a business through TWS it costs $40 for 2 years and a registered ABN. It’s processed and done but what happens after staff change and years go by?

Lets rewind a little. Each Domain has 4 contacts against the Domain. They are the Registrant, Admin, Tech & Billing. TWS uses their own email address to register Domains on your behalf but the Domain is always in the business name and ABN. Why do we do that?

We do this because that information is in the Public Domain unless you pay to hide it. All the information is visible to anyone who understands how Domain Registrations work. Unfortunately the internet has some rogue elements.

Many times per week our email is “spammed” with invoices demanding payment. It arrives with a subject matter of:


The amount on the invoice is usually for $86 per year but we have seen them around $150 per year. Remember, you may have initially paid $40 for 2 years!

Unfortunately prior to signing with TWS, many businesses have fallen into this trap and paid not only that invoice but also the legitimate invoice from the suppler at the time.

Its not huge money but we are only discussing Domain registration and haven’t touched on anything else yet.

Check the image – it is why we do offer this service – this one we received late today. I’ve erased the business and Domain this was intended for.